Mission 19/99 is the target of Revanth Reddy. Revanth does not want Telangana state, which became a reality after decades of relentless struggle to become the freedom of one family. We cannot let one family dominate the state as it would lead to the return of the rule of ‘Doras’. Revanth reddy is clear that to fulfill this mission successfully a continuous struggle to increase public awareness is needed. KCR and his party are indulging in a malicious propaganda of branding TDP and its legislators as ‘Andhra Party’. Revanth reddy hopes that people of Telangana will not sway to this propaganda and realize that TDP is the only party working for the real development of Telangana.

Revanth reddy has succeeded partly in bringing about change and enlightening the public. Students of Osmania University who earlier vehemently opposed TDP leaders on its campus have recently invited Revanth reddy as the chief guest of Telangana Jana Jatara. Despite the attempts of the ruling party and police to spoil the programme, students themselves carried Revanth reddy on their shoulders to the dais. It proves the positive change brought on by Revanth reddy’s campaign. Another evidence of change was seen in CM KCR’s home constituency of Gajwel where the land oustees of Mallanna Sagar had overwhelmingly supported Revanth reddy’s 2 day fast for their cause. His 2 day fast in Etigadda Lakshmapur has further cemented his reputation as people’s warrior as on the first day of the fast itself KCR and his govt bowed down to the people’s demands and declared that compensation would given as per the wishes of the people.

A part from Mallanasagar project there are numerous issues where the govt is causing the destruction of livelihoods of the people. All these issues must be carefully studied to unmask the real dirty intentions of KCR and his govt. One must be ready to face all adversities while fighting for the people says Revanth reddy. He wants to continue his campaign with the slogan “Telangana’s Heartbeat”. As a part of this campaign Revanth reddy has declared that he would  undertake a padayatra from Alampur to Adilabad. Padayatra will start from Jogulamba temple of Alampur to Indravelli martyrs point in Adilabad district. The sole intention of Revanth reddy’s padayatra is to meet every family in the state to enquire about their problems and assure of them of his full support. The date for this padayatra is yet to be decided. In this way Revanth reddy is pulling all stops to enlighten the people about the misdeeds of KCR’s govt. He is working tirelessly to win 99 assembly constituencies in 2019 election and form the government and fulfill the ideals of the late N.T Rama Rao.