Reaching the impossible

Born in an ordinary farmer family Revanth Reddy did not have any prior experience in politics until his marriage. He had always nurtured the goal to become a people’s leader since his school days. He worked for his goal by forming groups with friends to help the needy in society. After graduating in arts he married the love of his life. This marriage made him a relative of powerful Congress party leader S. Jaipal Reddy. Anyone would’ve used this opportunity to enter politics but not Revanth Reddy. He was busy in organizing welfare activities for the people with his friends and eventually realized that a lot more service can be done by being in power, and therefore decided to join politics. Revanth did not bow to any party’s influence and yearned to succeed in politics independently. He began his political journey in 2006 by becoming a member of ZPTC of Midchel mandal of Mahabubnagar district. By winning ZPTC seat independently in a key mandal Revanth Reddy created a sensation at that time. Nobody ever imagined that a mandal level leader would catapult to state politics so quickly. But Revanth Reddy had other plans. Contrary to the general expectations Revanth reddy chose not to complete his five year term of ZPTC member and started looking for other opportunities. He decided to contest MLC elections in Mahabubnagar district in 2007 independently. Political pundits were confident that either a candidate of ruling party or opposition candidate may win. Breaking all expectations Revanth reddy emerged a winner with a record majority. Many in political circles noticed his political acumen and started taking Revanth Reddy seriously. He realized that he needed to join a political party to succeed in politics. Despite many feelers and pressures from ruling the Congress party Revanth reddy chose to join Telugu Desam whose ideology was in sync with his principles. As a member of the opposition Revanth reddy exposed many misdeeds and irregularities of the government in the Legislative Council. He started to turn into a nightmare for the ruling congress party with his fearlessness and his name spread far and wide all over the state. After completing 2 year term as MLC Revanth Reddy decided to contest 2009 assembly elections. Generally candidates would prefer to contest from their native place due to familiarity with the public and support of the family. Unexpectedly Revanth Reddy took a bold step of contesting from Kodangal constituency instead of his native Kalvakurthi. In those days Kodangal had a notorious reputation of being a land ruled by “Dora”. Lone TDP leader of kodangal had just died and Revanth Reddy wanted to support and recharge the cadre there. During his election campaign he faced intimidation, harassment and terrorizing tactics from local ‘Dora’. But Revanth Reddy did not flinch and took the fight head on. The campaign turned so violent that Revanth      was physically assaulted. It did nothing to shake his confidence. People of Kodangal who wanted tom get rid of Dora rule voted in favour of Revanth Reddy and made him their MLA in 2009. Despite growing leaps and bounds as a leader since then, he always took great care of his constituency as people of Kodangal rewarded Revanth Reddy by choosing him for the second time in 2014. Revanth Reddy presently is discharging dual duties as MLA of Kodangal and as Telangana Telugudesam Party Working President.

People’s messiah – Firebrand politician

Revanth Reddy is a mixture of unique looks and a magnetic personality. His rather perfunctory stature is dwarfed by his perennial radiance and charm. Revanth has a knack of solving highly complex problems in jiffy; it is a testament to his intellect and proficiency. One can never find him without his ever present smile. Receiving people with a generous smile and concomitantly taking necessary steps to solve their problems is a hallmark of his personality. With a strong  belief that their problems will be addressed patiently hundreds of people from all over the state meet him daily. Revanth is known for his legendary exploits to defend common man’s interests. It is not a matter of surprise that he is occupied with peoples’ problems most of the time and goes to bed very late. Revanth addresses fellow politicians and public in a straight gripping tone at great length. His speeches are charged with potshots at non performing ministers, while providing comic relief to the people. It is for this reason that public desire to listen to him speak time and again. Revanth Reddy’s high energy speeches find a massive audience among the youth who wholeheartedly embrace him. Revanth reddy has millions of supporters and enthusiasts irrespective of political parties in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Many of his supporters and fans are already yearning that Revanth Reddy would be the Chief minister of Telangana in 2019