Revanth Reddy has a clear and foresighted vision for the state of Telangana. He has specific and attainable goals for development parameters like rural development, education, agriculture and industrial policy.


Despite 69 years of independence and 12 five year plans development of villages is minimal.Even now on visiting a village we are greeted with the sight of garbage, badly laid or non existent roads, child labour and wandering jobless youth. Many villages even lack basic Panchayat institutions, primary healthcare centers or efficient public transport system. It is frightening on realizing that majority of villages lack basic facilities like schools, drinking water, electricity especially those villages populated by disadvantaged sections like Dalits and tribals. Only some villages are getting developed either due to their proximity to highways or by virtue of influential people while majority of villages are facing gross neglect and apathy. In this situation it is vital to get the priorities right before starting any development plans. Backward villages must be given preference for any developmental programs. The state must ensure equitable development of villages without any discrepancies. Revanth Reddy feels that in the state budget, there should be a special rural development budget which should be utilized for funds allocation primarily for most backward villages without rerouting funds meant for SC,sTs, He believes that there should special village committees to oversee and supervise the work of ration dealers, ANo’s, doctors and teachers as it would increase the accountability of govt servants due to public involvement. Revanth Reddy dreams of villages in which there is sufficient food in anganwadi centers, ration dealers who carry out their duties honestly and where senior citizens can avail services of hospitals when required, where every family has a house to live and food to eat. He personally feels govt land should be distributed to the poor. Development of villages will automatically accelerate the development of state.


Along with development of the villages there should primary push to repair the present education system and increase the literacy by welfare schemes which act as incentives for education. Revanth Reddy is primarily concerned by the low literacy levels which help in propagation of blind religious beliefs and exploitation of the poor by landlords. Lack of awareness of the existing laws along with illiteracy is preventing villages from availing basic necessities. To fulfill his dream of 100% literacy in villages Revanth Reddy feels there should be free education from KG to PG. Social evils like caste discrimination, corruption, and dowry can only be removed by propagation of education vigorously which eventually result in socially progressive population and fulfill the dream Golden Telangana feels Revanth Reddy. In Telangana over 4000 govt schools have been shut down due poor attendance of less than 60 students. Govt might saving a meager amount by doing this but continuation of this practice will be detrimental to the interests of socially disadvantages sections like SC,STs feels Revanth Reddy.


Revanth Reddy feels that educated youth shouldn’t face any problem in finding jobs and we must create an environment where instead of youth competing for jobs, there should companies competing to hire the youth. This can be done by bringing radical changes in the industrial policy and establishing industrial corridor and IT hub in every district of Telangana. He also stresses on the need to introduce vocational technical courses in course curriculums to enable youth to find employment immediately after passing out from college. According to him, apart from increasing employment opportunities in industrial and IT sector, there should an increase in the posts of DSC, TSC, ASC and other govt jobs wherein youth taking part in these exams must be given free coaching. Rise of educated unemployment can lead to instability in society. This can be prevented by govt by taking steps to create more employment opportunities in the private sector and also revitalize the cottage industries in rural areas. Revanth Reddy also feels that the youth apart from trying to find employment must also take active part in politics as this would lead to injection of new ideas in the political discourse and scrapping of outdated ideas. He feels that political background is unnecessary and perseverance and determination are enough to succeed in politics.


Revanth Reddy feels that govt must take special steps to develop high population of SC, Sts, Bc, minorities in Telangana state. With respect to development of Lambadas who constitute 12% of the population, any Lambada village exceeding the population of 500 should be recognized as Grampanchayat whereby benefits like roads, drinking water, school, community hall, hospital, ration supply can be provided to them. He believes that leftover land should be distributed to dalit and tribal families and rice quota availed through ration dealers must be increased to 50kg per month. Revanth Reddy also feels that reservation should be provided to SC, Sts, Bc, minorities in proportion to their population.


‘If govt is like a people welfare machine then all the govt employees are like its vital components which run the machine’ feels Revanth Reddy. He believes that all govt employees are not corrupt and there are still many who carry out their duties with utmost sincerity. Corrupt officials who earn crores of rupees are well off but many sincere employees are not in a position to even own a house after retirement. To address this problem govt must allocate land for construction of 2BHK homes for govt employees in every mandal and constituency free of cost. Construction cost of houses should be jointly shared by govt and employees where employees can repay the cost in installments. Productivity of government employees is vital for the development of the state says Revanth Reddy.